January 20, 2013

Snowmobile, Mark 2

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It snowed again! It doesn’t snow very often in London, so we have to make the most of it. The old electric snowmobile was pretty unstable, so today I rebuilt it with a new and much improved front end. I also built a sledge to tow behind – this was originally supposed to be a set of shelves for my son’s bedroom, but needs must, and now it’s a sledge. My son is delighted by this change of plans; my wife, somewhat less so. Here it is in action:

December 21, 2010


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Dear friends,

On Sunday afternoon I was all alone. My wife and kids were stuck in Denmark by the snow, and I was by myself. Bored. Bored, with a welder. But no-one to play in the snow with. And then it struck me – what I needed to do was to build a snowmobile. Not that we get much snow in London, but as we had some for a change, it needed to be exploited properly.

And so six hours of frantic cutting, welding, and soldering later, here it is – the mark 1 electric snowmobile. Read on

August 30, 2010

Mission Control

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Dear friends,

Ours is a push-button digital world. Very convenient it is too, but somehow it’s lost the tactile sense that old analog equipment had. My study is a strange hybrid of the old and the new. On the wall now is a generator control panel from the early 20th century, and it is slowly coming back to life. Read on…

- Fzz

Mission Control

December 20, 2009

Ice Karting

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Dear friends,

We found a new use for the electric go-kart today. Thought it might amuse you.


November 2, 2009

Steam Robot Mask

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Steam Robot

Dear friends,

Hallowe’en has rolled around again, and my eldest is developing more refined tastes. No longer is it sufficient just to be a wizard; now he wants to be a steam robot, sidekick to Doctor Steam. And so it shall be.

Click here for pictures, video and construction details.


April 15, 2009

Hydrogen Reconnaissance Balloon

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Dear friends,

It’s Easter, and in the Fzz family that can only mean one thing:  the Easter Challenge.  Last year we built an Egg Cannon, but this year the challenge was to build a device to take an aerial photograph of my father’s house.  Extra points are awarded for style and the use of mad science.

With those bonus points in mind, my son and I set out to build a hydrogen reconnaissance balloon, complete with a remote control camera and mounting.  But we only had a week from idea to challenge, so we had to work fast.

Read on for how we faired, or look here for construction details.

October 31, 2008

The Mask

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A sneak preview of my Halloween costume. More pictures are here.

October 19, 2008

Internet Pressure Gauge

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Dear friends,

Before our Steam Rocket leaked fuel into the top of it, I used to have a wireless basestation on my desk, and I’d got it the habit of looking at the activity lights when a download was taking longer than it should to see if anything was actually happening. Being a creature of habit, I kept glancing at where it used to be whenever I was waiting for a web page; clearly a replacement was needed. Well, here at last it is: a steam gauge to measure the pressure in the tubes of the Internet. Read on for how it works…

June 18, 2008

Professor Magnus and the Thunder Lizard

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Dear friends,

My son and I had a wonderful time last weekend making a short film about a certain mad scientist.  Hope you enjoy it.


the machine

April 7, 2008

The Steam Rocket

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Dear friends,

What better to entertain the young steamers at the steampunk picnic than a steam rocket! We knocked this together in a couple of evenings, and didn’t have time to test it before heading off to deepest darkest Penge. Read more about its construction and public debut here.


Steam Rocket and Launch Console

March 31, 2008

Egg Cannon

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Every Easter my brother and I have a friendly competition – together with our kids the challenge is to build some crazy device to throw an egg as far as possible. The criteria are simple – either build it from whatever is in Dad’s garage (which is full of useful building materials), or it has to fit in the back of the car together with the suitcases, kid’s strollers, etc. In the past we’ve built a trebuchet and a ballista. But this year my son and I decided to build an egg cannon.  Read the rest…

Egg Cannon

October 28, 2007

Desktop Jacob’s Ladder

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Now with a little more steampunk style, and considerably less risk of electrocution, here is my rebuilt desktop Jacob’s Ladder. Ah, the smell of ozone in the morning!

More pictures and video here. Construction details are here.

October 14, 2007

Jacob’s Ladder

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Every mad scientist should have their own machines for making big sparks. This one only generates inch-long arcs, but it’s still noisy, dangerous and rather fun. More photos and some video are over here.


April 13, 2007

New Copper Pipe Lamp

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Dear friends,

Here is my latest creation. It’s a little more minimalist than the previous lamp; the aim was to capture the general impression of water level gauges on steam locomotives.


More pictures, and pictures of its construction.

- Fzz

Copper Pipe Lamp

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Dear friends,

Here is my copper pipe lamp, complete with wonderful (if rather pricey) squirrel-cage bulbs.

Lamp Picture

More pictures, and pictures of its construction.

- Fzz